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Americas Next Top Model Cycle 9 winner may get disqualified!!!!

Though it was made clear from the outset of the season that Saleisha had a prior relationship with Tyra Banks, having attended the supermodel’s T-Zone camp for underprivileged girls when she was 14, viewers were given no indication that the twosome’s acquaintance extended beyond that experience.
However, sharp-eyed fans soon dug up footage showing Saleisha walking the catwalk in an ANTM cycle-six fashion show, as well as appearing on the runway in an episode of The Tyra Banks Show.
Viewers also found that Saleisha had appeared in a nationwide Wendy’s commercial that aired in 2006, seemingly in violation of an America’s Next Top Model eligibility rule that states would-be contestants “must not have previous experience as a model in a national campaign within the last five years (including, but not limited to, appearances on television and print advertisements).”

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