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YAWN!! Another Magazine Cover for Alicia

Alicia Keys covered the December ‘07 issue of a Japanese publication Woofin’ Girl. I am so tired of seeing this girl. I bet she has to go through a million rolls of film before they get the perfect shot of this girls weak right eye. I am just glad they found one with a normal eye, Good going, Alicias' photographer!!!!
In other Alicia news, she has sold over 740,000 copies of her new CD "as I am" which was released on Nov 13th. She broke some type of record and stuff.... good going!

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  1. Anonymous10:18 PM

    why the fck is all ur blogs negative... go read a book and get your mind right... seems like u have no life.. u should really try to get tuned into yourself and stop bloggin about people who make there money in a positive way.. if u really wanna talk bad bout someone.. post blogs about people who sell drugs.. kill.. rape.. and other ungodly things. cuz this entire blog is retarded.


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