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Was Kim Kardashian REALLY Robbed at JFK Airport? insider speaks!!!

Kim Kardashian is running around telling everybody that she got robbed at the JFK Airport while traveling to Las Vegas with her sista, Kourtney. She got swindled and robbed for 50,000 in diamonds, her laptop, Cartier Watch, and a digital camera. The swindle seemed to go down as fans and Delta employees flooded the girls for photos and autographs. When the sea of people cleared up and the girls looked down, their stuff was MIA!!!

Mmh Hmm...this is bull shyt to me!!! My trusty source told me the following.
"Kim is doing this just for some publicity since her name isn't heavy in the news lately. She wants to make sure her new show is a hit! This is just a publicity stunt, girl"
Apparently the police isn't involved in this case, hmmmm smells fishy!!! Why hasn't this huzzy asked to see security cameras? I guess somebody wont have too much of a problem keeping up with the Kardashians, now!!! LOL
Read more details right here

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