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U going down Beyonce!!!!!

U coming down, bytch!!!

FINALLY, some Beyonce haters surface in Las Vegas!!! A billboard that featured Beyonce in a bikini made of trashy triangles was pulled down over the weekend after some folk in their right minds started protests. They said that the billboard was obscene and distasteful, especially for kids.

Las Vegas residents were so angry and fuming over the billboard that they organized protests and complained to the FCC and the local environmental protection board. The local radio station that put up the board also got disturbing calls from listeners who threatened to start listening to another station if the billboard didn't come down.

A station manager finally saw the light and ordered the billboard removed saying, "We didn't realize there were no Beyonce fans in Las Vegas."
I guess Beyonce wont be doing any shows in the Vegas Casinos with a sold out crowd err night after her career simmers down, she aint got no fans out there!!!.


  1. Anonymous2:45 PM

    i thought they had a 40/40 club there , but i heard that he got rid of it quietly. no wonder she was only in vegas for 4 nights and made a dvd out of the private concert to be shown on tv thanksgiving night, shes a mess she has mashed all of the juice out of shes droping it for a third time on the 23 of nove. a gain for the third time.

  2. Anonymous2:51 PM was first released nov 8 08, then june 16, 09 named above and beyonce with a dvd of music videos a remix, and now again on nov 23 , 09 thats twice in one year and this makes this album have three releases in all.

  3. miss.beautiful4:48 PM

    fuck beyonce she not even pretty i bet her ass is fake fuck her man hes uguly to


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