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T.I. fights the F.B.I. and he just might win!!!!!

Oh wow, it looks like the F.B.I's prosecuting attorneys got a losing war to fight, because T.I. ain't going down without atleast trying to knock off a few years and charges that are well deserved if you ask me.
T.I. is seeking to make evidence seized from his car and statements he made to authorities inadmissible in court. The rappers lawyers claims both were illegally obtained since they didn't have a search warrant.

T.I.'s lawyers filed a motion Monday in U.S. District Court seeking to throw out evidence gathered from his car and statements he made when he was arrested on Oct. 13, according to the Associated Press.

He is currently awaiting his fate as he sits on house arrest without a maid, meaning Tiny has to clean the house and cook for him since no chefs and maids are allowed on the property. I know she must be tired as that big azz house. Also, the guns they found in T.I.'s house on Oct 13th aren't his....they are supposedly his bodyguards and friends. T.I. is facing 10 years in prison if convicted and a $250,000 fine on each weapons charge. Good Luck!!!

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