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Mel B and Eddies chilling details on child support!!!

LAWD HI MERCY!!!! Last week Mel B and Eddie Murphy's lawyers met in an LA courtroom to work out child support and visitation rights for their daughter, Angel Iris Murphy. Mel B was pizzed off that Eddie didn't show up after she took the time and dressed Angel in her cutest outfit!!! He ain't even seen the baby in person, yet! That fruity chose not to make a personal appearance and he didn't even make a support offer, yet!!!! Get this, yall. THE CASE GOT PUSHED BACK 3 WHOLE MONTHS so Mel B is still taking care of that baby on her own!!!!
However, he and his lawyers did make one thing crystal clear. There will be NO VISITATION...PERIOD.
Eddie Fruity, I meant.. Murphy does not want to see Angel..ever

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