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The low-down on why R. Kelly publicist quit!!!!!


Early last week, a resignation letter was circulating the web about R. Kellys publicist quitting. I didn't post it because I was on vacation (I'm back errbody). Well...heres the letter:

Friends and Colleagues – After careful consideration and counsel, I have
decided to formally announce my resignation as publicist for R&B artist R.
Kelly.My resignation was effective as of August 28, 2007. Throughout the course
of my 25 years as a publicist, I have prided myself on loyalty, respect and
professionalism. It saddens me that I was not always shown those same courtesies
during my 14 year tenure as Mr. Kelly's publicist.Though I have a great
appreciation for Mr. Kelly as an artist, there are some lines that should never
be crossed professionally or personally. Mr. Kelly crossed a line that forever
altered the scope of our relationship. For this reason I made the decision to
resign.My husband, music retailer George Daniels, has also disassociated himself
from Mr. Kelly.- Regina Daniel

Well now we know why she quit!!!! R. Kellys publicist quit because he asked her to lie on da stand in his child pornography case he got. She didn't want to lie, so she quit the next day....... ok, this man is innocent until proven guilty so can we please stop giving him a hard time and save the bashing until his guilty verdict?!!!

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