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Kimora helping the community.... puh-leeezzz!!

We aren't giving those kids NOTHING...not until the cameras can catch us doing a
good deed

Look at us, we are giving to the sick...make sure you catch us on camera!!!

These stars kill me, they wont do nothing nice not unless a camera catches it or a journalist is there to document every penny they donate!!! Look at Kimora......mmh hmh child....... she supposedly is doing this from her heart but HAD to bring along the cameras to catch her doing a good deed, this is trashy!!! That doesn't go unpunished by the Almighty God, Kimora!!! Trust me folks....

Kimora Lee, Ming Lee, and Aoki Lee Simmons head out to St. Vincents Hospital in NYC to support the pediatric patients. Lawdy, she really didn't have to bring the cameras if this was done from her heart..... what a shame!!!!! NEXT!!!!!


  1. Anonymous11:29 PM

    I Love these Girls...Aoki Is a Lil Diva!!! Mad Cute!

  2. Anonymous12:55 AM

    i love kimora.... aoki is my favorite


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