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EXPOSED!!! Flat-yonce wears BUTT PADS?

I know ya'll see that butt-pad under those tights LOL
FLAT, nothing back there!! 2006
No azz-at-all 2005
butt pad slipped down too much, Bey?


FLAT AS EVER!!! 2006
Nothing there!!!

Beyonce has a flat ass. No jelly, flat butt, and I been saying this for years and it has finally been revealed. SHE WEARS BUTT-PADS IF YOU ASK ME!!! I have compiled several images of her without the butt-pads. You be the judge, I say its fake. Poor Beyonce... now I understand why her azz was so flat on the performance for the 2006 BET Awards. She couldn't wear a butt-pad because Jay-Z was going to hit her azz and she didn't want him to feel the pads LOL. Its hard being an entertainer that was labeled as having a big azz but its not true, so she had to go and buy one....She must've ordered it online LMAO



  2. Anonymous1:07 AM

    that is such a damn lie. people have the technology to make a picture seem what ever they want it to. the 'padding' your referring to in the pic above is a slimmer, not a plumper. shes black, she has a curvy figure and shes gorgeous. i love her figure because i have her figure. she does not have padding and different clothes make you look different. leave the poor girl alone. i admire her and she is my strength when i don't have any. shes beautiful.

  3. Anonymous10:03 AM

    NOOOOOOO !!!!! i thought she had a little somethin somethin lol :(

  4. Anonymous5:16 PM

    man you GOT HER!!!!! I've been trying to find out too how in some videos she has A LOT of ASS and in some she DON'T. Well you know how the old people say it, "The TRUTH shall set you FREE!!!"

  5. (LOL) this is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous3:08 AM

    " she is my strength when i don't have any."

    You need help.

  7. Anonymous3:28 PM

    ha ha ha she is nasty to begin with this makes her more nasty the flat ass bitch

  8. Anonymous3:29 PM

    to the annoymous person that said she has her figure and its not padding look closely at those pics dumbass you can see the padding

  9. Anonymous4:23 AM

    Real or not, she's still fine as hell!

  10. For all the dumb asses. That thing she has on with that silver outfit is these types of underwear that keep your butt tight so it won't be jiggling all over the place. SHE DOESN'T WEAR BUTT PADS!!!!! If you see her in a bathing suit then you would know she didn't wear pads because her butt is still big wit bathin suits. And different outfits make your butt look different ways. DUH!!!! Y'all look for any reason to hate on the girl for just cuz she's G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.

  11. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Its ok that she has a flat ass...with some workouts she can lift that ass..but she wont work out cause she don't wanna lose her hips..but she don't have hips either..iv seen her in bikinis and jeans and she has thick thighs but no hips and ass..just big thighs like rihanna.

    I love B but she brags too much in interviews about her curves and hips..then she wears butt pads and grinds on the floor like its all hers. But really its not...its kinda shamefull..because with her voice she dont need to do all that..for Rihanna i understand ..cause her voice is weak..but for B why??

  12. JuicyCouture5:58 PM

    She doesn't wear butt pads point blank. And what the hell she doesn't brag about her curves. People always ask her about that and she tells them. She has a butt and hips but the ugly ones just make up shit because they can't believe the fact that its hers. That was something you wear to make ur butt not jiggle all over the place.

    And to the person above me Beyonce does work out very much. If she didn't then she would be very fat. I swear y'all look for anything to hate on the girl for i know its because u think its to good to be true thats she's that beautiful.

  13. JuicyCouture6:02 PM

    And by the way different outfits like jeans and stuff make ur butt look different sizes. Like skinny jeans most of the time make ur but look small. When Beyonce had on a bathing suit she had a butt and hips so u should know she doesn't wear pads.

  14. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Skinny jeans make your ass look bigger! Fool

  15. JuicyCouture4:31 PM

    Fool over me. Skinny jeans don't make your ass look bigger dumb ass. They make it look smaller.

  16. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Bitch you need to stop talkin about ma mom bitch because lets see ya ugly ass mom cuz she don't have a butt wit her fuckin baldhead ass and you a fuckin hater you jus mad cuz you don't have money like her...BITCH

  17. Anonymous4:08 AM

    B. Butt hater #1 must B. a man and white. Clothes do different things for different body shapes. I'm short with a high butt, so low rise skinny jeans make me look like I have NO butt cause the majority of my roundness is at the top, where high waist jeans make me look like buffy the body. Also, yes she wears a lil padding but as stated its to keep everything stable while performing. I'm a high stepper and we have to wear a full body suit. when u look at it the breast cups have a lil padding and so does the butt but it does not alter our shapes. Lastly In B's defense that girl works out constantly. she has to cause she's naturally thick girl, ( and thick doesn't alway mean u have a huge butt) having hips and thighs makes u curvy and thick as well. and to compare B's body to rhianna, uh no.. two TOTALLY DIFFERENT BODY TYPES. rhianna & ciara yes, B & Alicia keys yes.. Ms. keys has hipps and when she loses weight her butty looks bigger, differnt jeans make it look flat.. Oh LASTLY to knock the young lady who said B is her inspiration, don't! You must not know how difficult it is to be told your shape is wrong or ugly, slim down. So for her to see someone like B. achieve the greatness that she has gives her joy and hope.

  18. Anonymous4:55 PM

    beyonce is a fraud. she always pokes her back out so it looks like her ass big, and she has wide hips a.k.a a horse ass hahahaha

  19. Anonymous9:00 PM

    DUMB DUMB DUMB ALL OF u people NEED TO GET LIFE. JELOUS TRASHY WHITE GIRLS WITH FLAT DISTUSTING BOOTIES.always trying to put black people down. all the dumb black people that believe this should be ASHAMED of yourselves,(white people bitches) trying to put us down and we support this,they don't believe in our beauty,IM A BLACK WITH BOOTY/model AND IM PROUD OF IT , so i know from experience that u cannot judge pictures as a model also i get my pics edited to make my booty small since white people think having big booty is not beauty. I decided
    to quit modelling as much as i have so much potential cause of my booty. but i don't blame u guys u won't know this cause u have FLAT BUMS u have to have this body type to understand, also some clothes to make u have less booty than some EXPECIALLY SKINNY JEANS.. WOW BLACK PEOPLE ARE BEING HATED FOR EVERYTHING YEAH, look at hollywood they never voted for a black women as # 1 for the sexiest women alive/in the world, except maybe once for halle berry, they always choose those skinny ones cameroon diaz, paris hilton,etc all the skinnies with blonde,OK white girls u think u OWN EVERYTHING let us have this one, unfortunately that just how things are, we do have nice booty GOD HAS GIVEN IT TO US,my boyfriend is white he hate white girls he loves my big booty,im so tired of white girls staring at me with angry eyes, CHILL OUT BITCHES, ENJOY U FLAT BUM AR JUST COMMIT SUCIDE!!

  20. ButterCup11:55 PM

    Its not that serious, look I have a nice Butt, but when I loose weight my butt shrinks too and my breast. I woud rather be a plus size with a nice butt rather than slim with no ass. I'm not sure if Beyonce wears pads or not, but you do have to consider her body does go through changes when she has to prepare for different movie roles. Her weight goes up and down. If she is wearing pads then she should be exposed cause you have young girls, and silly women wishing they could be shaped like her. So B need to tell them wear they can get some pads at too. This is why men dont respect us now.

  21. Anonymous12:05 PM

    YEP she haven't got a BIG ASS! and it is wayyy better like this! she is a beautiful woman with lil' curves, not a fugly big ass animal! LMFAO!

  22. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Weight gain & weight loss changes the size of butts & boobs. That's a fact & common sense! When Bey has a "slim role" (movie) or specific weight she needs to be for an event, or a time of cleansing with herbs, spiritual renewal etc. her body changes, just like me & most other women. My GodMom had the most bodacious butt on the East Coast until she lost an enormous amt. of weight over health issues. Me too! After having 4 babies, my superfit body & slim hips with muscular frame turned into a curvacious brickhouse with a big bubble butt & breasts.( My husband loved it!) When I went on a strict diet, I lost my big bubble butt & big boobs. (fat tissue) It went back to "normal" and I had to do squats to get all the muscle tone back in my bootey. I never want my buttocks to be super big again: It was painful for my back! lol! It really was. (Sorry hubster)
    So you see, it all depends on our workout regime, foods consumed, & weight, & what we wear.
    We all have some "skinny pants" & some jeans that fit tight-right & make our butts look A-ight! No reason to hate on anyone. That cycle of negativity is toxic. Beyonce is a beautiful & talented woman. More power to her. Putting her down, doesn't lift anyone up.
    It's just idle gossip & negativity.
    Let it go. We need your voices lifted in prayer for the troops, the crime rate in our urban areas, children who are suffering all over the world, & for the protection of the Obama's. Let the negativity go. It'll bless your soul & sweeten your future if you do.

  23. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Why the hell does everything have to turn into a race issue? How is saying Beyonce wears butt pads a race thing? Who said that white girls have no asses and dont like big butts? Get a life and a brain. I'm white and I have a big butt, so you can suck my tit. Personally, I loooove big asses and curves, and many people do. So screw off saying white people dont like/ have big butts. Get a life idiot.

  24. Anonymous1:59 PM

    wat da fuck half yal bitches dnt n if yal thick it be lookin all saggy n shiit...
    most blakk pple have asses most white pple dnt

  25. Anonymous11:42 PM

    okay beyonce deffinately does not wear butt most black women she has a naturally big butt and wife has a big butt some days and it looks smaller on other days but it depends on what you wear
    that first pic, she was wearing panties with her tights tucked underneath
    and in the pic with her black pants and white shirt, thats her panty line that is showing....and her butt just happens to be that big i dont blame her for wearing black ! lol
    but my wife has a big butt, but not as big as beyonce's, i wish lol
    but it depends on the day
    and who knows, maybe hese pics were digitally altered.....any1 can do it

  26. Anonymous10:13 AM

    yall can sit here and talk shit,
    but beyonce could give a less damn...
    she's somewhere sitting her 100% real big ass
    on a big ass stack of cash yall niggas dont have!!!!
    she's tickled pink that yall are just hating!!!

  27. Anonymous8:18 PM

    I do agree with Beyonce having a flat ass, but she has a curvy figure, well wide hips. She gains and loses weight a lot during her album releases, so it's very hard to tell, even though the first pic shows she is wearing butt pads.

  28. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Man, this race shit is retarded. Leave it to some idiot to bring race into it...just like race is brought into EVERYTHING. White people aren't trying to bring black people down. It's always black people thinking that way, still thinking about the race. I have seen tons of black women with no ass, and tons of white women with big round nice asses...and vice versa. And to the people who are making accusations through these comments about how someone looks, you sound so dumb and the hell would you know? You can't see them, for all you know their ass could be better then yours. You just sound like an ignorant child on the play ground spitting out lies to sound like your argument is good.

    SO anyway, this whole post thing is kinda childish, I just invision an insecure 12 year old sitting behind her computer trying to tear everyone down. The poster really had to strech for some of those pictures, because there was a couple that her butt looked like that normal Beyonce booty we all envy...


  29. Anonymous3:26 PM

    I bet your some whtie dude with a girlfriend that was a flat ass so you feel bad and had to make the finnest girl in the world look bad like your gf, but either way, she is still the sexiest woman ever!

  30. Anonymous3:29 PM

    And black girls are the only kind that can have a bubble butt or phat ass...If you ever see a white girl with a bubble butt, it aint nice, its all fat, it aint firm at all...just freakin flubber in the back trunk

  31. Anonymous1:08 AM

    okay this is how i feel ! if BEYONCE wants to wear booty pads she can ! its HER body & she pays for it with HER money ! i can't tell nobody what to say because evrybody is entitled to their own opinion; but this whole issue circles around one thing; MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS ! if she is wearinq booty pads sumbody qonna hav sumthinq to say about it; if she's not somebody qonna hav sumthinq to say about it because she's a beautiful BLACK talented woman ! &nd many people wish they can take her place &nd do what she does better dan her ! the race issue is irrelevant ! not all BLACK qirls have ass &nd not all white qirls have FLAT ASSES ! i've been places &nd seen many white qirls with a ass biqqer dan mine ! &nd i've also seen black qirls with an ass flat lik a fckn ironinq board ! once aqain; if BEYONCE wants to wear a booty pad; then so be it; it's HER body; not yours or anyone else's ! if a booty pad makes her feel qood about herself GREAT; why knock da woman?!? shit YOU WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF; &nd let her do wat she do best; &nd dat's sinq her ASS or booty pad or w/e off ! she's phenominal; so if you tryna put her out by sayinq she has a fake but; i'm sure it won't work bc she has millions of fans &nd i'm more dan sure whetha her ass is real or not dey qonna love her; cuz she not famous for dat she famous for her lovinq spirit &nd her beautiful voice !

  32. Anonymous2:06 AM

    Jay don't mind, so get off her back. Rather her ass is big or not, she can sang well, dance well, make money well, model well, act well and the list goes on. Why hate, you guys are a bunch of crabs just wanna pull her down. She is fine just the way she is. When she get her butt in shape then what you going to say next. There will always be something negative coming from no life people.

  33. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Black women have ample derriers. What else is new? I am 32 years of age. My behind is bigger than it was in my twenties..May I also I breast size has increased. It's called age...HONEY! Butt pads? LMAO! The women on this site clearly have to be under the age of 18. We'll see how all of your behinds look in the next 10 years or so...I would love for someone to compare your 'past' and 'present' pics and then accuse you of butt injections!

    EVERY woman in America will admit that certain jeans fit differently. Jeans manufactured by urban designers brings out our 'MOST DEFINED' assets. Other jeans tend to hide our assets. So to look at these pics, and make unfair judgements, it's just pure stupidity.

  34. DeZiah11:36 PM

    I don't think she wears butt pads.I think in that photo, it just looks like the stocking is coming from under the shorts.And even if it is a butt pad, she can afford to wear it. She has enough money to buy all her haters butt pads!!!! People kill me trying to put entertainers on blass because they lack their finacial status. I say if it is or isn't, she still sings and danceses her ass off! KUDOS TO YOU "B"!!!! KEEP DOING YOUR THANG!!!

  35. Anonymous1:09 AM

    -------------- looooooooooool some of u guys are right!! some of u guys are wroung!!... LISTEN
    1. no one is gonna be that stupid to wear butt pads with a biki.. "DONT U GET IT.. SHE IS A SMART ASS" them things will show through!!!

    2. NOTICE how her ass looks MUCH bigger in a dress then on the beach... "some might say weight loss" could be but in 2days lol????

    3. anyone that does not see she is wearing butt pads is blind..... the hole of hollywood are doing it its not a big deal anymore.. not to get a bigger but.. but to get a better shape :)

    4. she was never flat just not that big to but she does have HIPS and no one can say not to that bottom line ...

  36. Yeah, those are definitely butt pads. lol To people who deny this (I mean the evidence is right there, what's there to deny?) and say that black women have curves, whites don't - I'm black, my family came straight from Africa 20 years ago and I have a flat ass. My non-black friends have a bigger ass than me. Not all black women have big asses and Beyonce doesn't have a big ass. It's not the end of the world, it doesn't make her music any less enjoyable so get over it.

  37. Anonymous3:42 AM

    hell idk if her butt reall or not but she shol is small as hell in person....she be lookin flat but who knows and who cares

  38. Anonymous1:50 PM

    beyonce has a biq ass yah need twu stop hatin on her man shes all natural she has a BIG ASS sometimes i think its fake but it really isnt

  39. Anonymous9:24 PM

    you dont need no damn celeb to give u no strenth...what the hell is wrong with females lookn up to these women celebs?

  40. I like this post ,very interesting, thanks for sharing. U want hottest celebrities photos bestsexymodel

  41. Anonymous8:22 PM

    i always thought the beyonce ´´booty´´ hype was overrated
    but i think its good that because of her, j.lo and kim kardashian etc..regardless of it being fake that now there is a new body image that is more healthy than the starvation hype..and now women with (real) curves can finally be looked at as being beautifull

    sorry if my english isnt so good im from the netherlands

  42. Anonymous11:26 PM

    I'm addressing the person who said white girls are jealous flat asses... You are trippin, come to Northern Virginia white girls with ass
    are everywhere. I swear white girls are steppin their game up in the gym. No homo... I'm a black female and i' ve noticed it. Beyonce is whack. She doesn't have ass in bathing suits she has wide hips and wide flat ass. Look at pics of her from the side in a onion, just deflated balloon ass. Hahaha...her personal trainer need to teach her the secret of the squats...lots and lots of squats.

  43. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Not surprising at all.I hate to break it to some of you but there is no celebrity who is 100% real.They all wear tons(and i mean tons) of makeup,dye their hair and wear extensions or wigs sometimes,pay for plastic surgery,use boob or butt pads,slimmers,corsets,coverup for marks and blemishes on the body,etc.And lets not forget about airbrushing and editing their pics before they're released.

  44. Anonymous3:33 PM

    You could take any average woman off the street and make her look mega-hot if you put her through all the treatments celebrities get before going out or onstage

  45. Anonymous9:46 PM

    People come up with all kinds of different defenses for her don't they? If her ass actually shrunk the whole time she was thinner or got larger during the whole time she has weight on her, then this would be a non-issue. What people are pointing out is that in a photo taken one day, she has a big ass, then another shot the next day or maybe even one week, she has a much flatter ass, that is an impossibility, plain and simple, unless you are wearing enhancements.
    For those saying pants can make your butt look that different in size, that's a fabrication. If anything, it can effect it minutely, but not to the degree it does on her. AND then it only effects those that don't brag about exercising, because they do have the more jiggly, fatty tissued booties. Someone like she whom claims to be exercising would not have a fatty tissued booty, rather she'd have a more muscular toned, firmed booty that wouldn't be as affected by the tightness of pants. Anyone with a clue of the fact that the butt is one big muscle, and that if toned, would act like any other toned muscle. So, please, stop making yourselves seem so uneducated on basic anatomy. LOL.

  46. Anonymous5:03 PM

    when she had a bathing suit on her ass is flat and widelook at other photos when she has on jeans and pants
    when she shakes her but and have on her body suit she hardly turn around because her best feature is the front her thighs and legs but its a fake booty pad notice that right after she did crazy.go all the way back when she is on the red carpet and look at her stomache there is always a line going across her stomache and her bathing suits i used to think it was a girdle all these years click on beyonce is a liar there are things that she wears and say that you will see for yourself and hear wfrom her mouth she is a liar though no dance steps just shake her ass and open her legs do some dance steps for a change and not hating

  47. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Every one knows a big butt has a bigger crack!
    And every on know's it's gotta stink like hell.
    I have been told I have a perfect heart shape butt
    rather this is a good or bad thing I don't really care. Don't you people have some thing better to do with your time????

  48. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Actually her "flat" booty isn't all that flat. It may not be as round as when she wears the pads but I still think she looks curvy and shapely. You want a flat booty? Lily Allen and Mariah Carey are pretty flat.

  49. Anonymous4:02 AM

    In her defense, different clothes change your shape! I have a huge butt,hips and thighs but in certain clothes, it's like my ass is soo much smaller people would even wonder if it's the same girl they seen the previous day lol This is why I stay away from low rise jeans, jeans without any stretch (uncomfortable..hard to get into and flatten ur figure!),and certain dresses and skirts or super short shorts. Beyonce's booty isn't as BIG as people make it out to be though but with a song like "Bootylicious" soo much hyphe is put on your I understand! She def. wears butt/hip pads for red carpet events w/the dresses..most celebs do b/c they know the paprazzi will eat em up. She is naturally curvy tho. She has curvy hips but not as much booty. There's a girl I know who has this body type..hips with a small ass and she constantly walks hella funny tryna make it look big to match her hips! So yes, Bey def.wears butt pads at times but she's still curvy in her's just that her butt isn't as porportioned to her hips! She's not a fraud tho like ppl like Kim K & Nicki Minaj who have lil girls aiming to be something paid for!!! Its a shame

  50. Anonymous4:06 AM

    and in the pic yall are sayin she has butt the black pants..those are pulled up high and those trousers are made from a softer material unlike jeans! Those make your butt look bigger.....but it def. looks fake cuz it looks saggy as sum1 just put a bunch of tissue/towel paper in a bag and stuffed it in her underwear lol... luv her tho !

  51. Anonymous5:18 AM

    umm all the smart ppl will kno that her weight fluctuates a lot... and whenever she slimmed down, she has little or no ass.. but come on ppl we ALL kno she has ass, we've seen her in bikini pics

  52. deedee1:48 AM

    dumb ass peope you can tell her ass aint dat big ...have yall seen big butts if its big..its big all da times and no dat shit aint phot shopped...she just thic and her back curves giving da illusion of a big butt!!!

  53. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Women are very mysterious creature thee years ago i met that girl she wear a thight Jeans she didnt look like she has any ass and didnt really care about that but once she get naked i seen more butt that i ever thought every body dont have the same type of skin or bone think about somebody who eat a lot and still skinny i guess a lot of you seen somebody like that before

  54. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Only jayZ know how much booty she got none of us will never know because she will never take off her clothes and get naked in public

  55. Anonymous2:51 PM

    So everybody keep talking about butt of a woman whats so important about that people should talk about women brain since only one thing coming from the butt is poopoo or doodoo anyway

  56. Anonymous2:59 PM

    A woman can have a big butt with that she can get a lot money out of me but not my respect so i think women today specially black women should use their brain more than your butts

  57. Anonymous3:36 AM

    phuck she's nothing but another fat black ass

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