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Beyonce covers another magazine...YAWN!!!

Photoshop 101- This is how it should be done!

You seen one, you seen them all. This woman always wear the same hairstyle, the same smile, the same make-up variations, and she always looks, well............the same. Anyway this magazine cover is from a Hungarian Publication of Cosmopolitan Magazine. The pics on the inside aren't any different from what you have seen since the overly-exposed woman has entered the entertainment industry so...... I won't post them. Oh yea, did you notice that her WIG IS CROOKED IN THE FRONT GIVING THE ILLUSION OF A LOP SIDED HAIR LINE!!!
In other Beyonce news, its true that she is releasing a country album!!! Read all about it right here


1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Tell her toake a break and have some kids!!


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