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Ashanti performs in lingerie!!!!!

How do I look? be honest you guys....
I wore this on Nellys birthday to bed

Hold up, wait a minute here. I know this chic, Ashanti, wont on the stage in NYC performing in this mess lastnight! (yes she wuz, ya'll)

She shoulda wore this lingerie in Nellys' TIP DRILL video. Concert goers said they were very uncomfortable watching her perform those old, lame azz songs from 2000 with Ja Rule singing on the track and Ashanti spinning around in her night wear. One concert goer said she felt very embarassed for Ashanti.... SHUT CHO MOUTH!!!
Her make-up looks like she belongs on the street corner. Get this fluzzie a new stylist QUICK!!!!!


  1. That does look like a lame thing to wear for a performance.

  2. Anonymous5:24 PM

    why are her legs so big? she needs to lose at least 10 pounds

  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    All and all shez still fine as hell


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