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50 offers words of condolences for Kanyes loss!!!!

50 Cent knows first hand what its like to lose a mother. His mother died in a drug deal gone bad when he was a lil' kid, so he had this to say to Kanye to help him cope with the loss of his mother, Dr. D. West:

It's really an unfortunate situation and I hope he can work his way through it.
"It’s good to see him actually touring. You can work your way back into a comfortable space where you can deal with those situations."
"But I can definitely understand how that’s a huge loss, and how that would be, and then (Kanye’s) relationship with his mum had a lot more depth to it than a lot of people’s. He was real close to his mum.
"I hope that he can work his through his way through it ... if you’re active, you’ll find reasons to smile, reasons to be happy."

That was soooo nice of the prime mate, 50 Cent to offer such positive words for Kanye... ok you guys...moving on!!!!

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