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Wanna know who's on the Billboard this week?

Look, Im not going to crunch how many weeks and all that jazz, but here is a record of

Placement/Billboard Total Records scanned and our comments.

9. Kanye West 1,534,200 U still aint do betta than J Timberlake
11. Angie Stone
44, 600 Wow, she only been on da chart 1 wk
12. Keyshia Cole
472,500 Male basher
14. Soulja Boy
200,200 after 3 wks, this all u manage to sell?
15. Jill Scott 281,669 good going, big girls need love 2!
16. J Holiday
177,200HAAA errbody dont wanna go to bed
21. 50 cent 1,025,500 WOW, 50 bought those himself!
27. Timbaland
760,700 Good going
38. J. Lo
70,900 Fall back, we dont want you in music!!!
40. Rihanna
756,100 After all dis time, dats all you sold?
42. Justin Timberlake
3,722,500 DAYuuuM!!!!!
45. Trey Songz
114,800 Sucka
49. Jagged Edge
146,600 I love this album, I bought one

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