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T.I. and Tiny Spotted

TI and Tiny made it out to Jeezy's party lastnight. I wonder why they were the only A-listers in attendance. U gotta love T.I. because he shows love no matter what. Tinys' purse game is alwayz tight! Gimme yo' purse BITCH!!!!


  1. Tiny do be having the purse thing on lock, no doubt!!

    Jeezy's party was full of Z-listers from what I saw!!! I did not even see this pic on others blogs! Surprised.

  2. Anonymous2:49 AM

    tiny's face looks like dog shit i almost vomited when i saw this pick of her smiling bitch shove the bag up your wide stinking hole and to tiny's ass kissers no i'm not jealous of the bride of frankinstein and i dont want T;I either i got a feeling he got fucked in the ass while he was in prison he looked incrediably skinny on larry king the other night


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