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Superhead in Atlanta--Nobody Shows up to Book Signing!!!

Celebhaterz got some pics of Superhead at her book signing in Atlanta this past friday. Its rumored she left with the brown skinned brotha in this pic, but lets get to the gushy, gushy!!!! Supherhead arrived in Atlanta, GA this past friday with hopes of selling out and signing until her cummy fingers hurt but instead; 16 people showed up!!!!! The event got shut down early at a popular local club and she sold only 23 books!!!! The bartender demanded to be paid the usual 1500.00 in tips per night he would've gotten if he worked at his regular gig. Mr.Bartender made only 19.20 in tips!!!! DAMN!!!! I guess nobody cares about Superheads fuk-scpades anymore. She's washed out in a cum river and officially D-Listed on my site. That nasty bytch, NEXT!!!

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  1. obviously YOU care. This is one shitty blog!


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