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Solange, slow it DOWN!!!

21yr old Solange has already been married, divorced, had a baby (he is now a cute little toddler bless his heart) and had several album flops!! WOW, shes so busy. She needs to slow it down. I guess she gets it from her sister, Beyonce. Solange spoke with Essence Magazine and said the following "I am no longer married … but I think it’s very important not to dish details … we were basically high school sweethearts" Thats enough, Solange. Trust me...theres not a fan base out there for you who could care anything about your personal life. Word on the street is that shes dropping a new album, AGAIN! I hope this one doesnt flop:(


  1. This is the problem with Matthew (her father). B is talented, and money is being made off of her, but no, he wants more!!! He is trying to make Kelly, Solange, and Michelle to be almost on the same level as B and that just ain't gonna happen??? B is actually in a class by herself!!!

    Solange needs to focus on House of Dereon and song writing, since that seems to be her strength. Stop letting Matthew force something that just don't fit!!!!!

  2. Kelly2:05 PM


    Solange is very talented. Have you heard her single I Decided? Hot! I've never been a fan, but what I like about Solange is she really feels her music. To me she is a real artist and not a trophy artist. She is about her music. Some of my favorite artists don't constantly top the charts. Look at Emily King and even Common (if you haven't heard of them look it up). It's because while people like Beyonce make songs that make money, true artists make MUSIC that comes from the heart and soul.


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