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I know you guys probably heard about this one.... Keyshia was recently on 92Q's Big Phat Morning Show acting like somebody stole her pop tarts and scrambled eggs or something. The fans were very disappointed in her behavior on the show and she tried to justify her attitude by saying she was caught off guard or something to that effect. Check it out the interview right here You will hear the lack of passion she has for what she does. 92Q is calling the interview the most controversial interviews in the history of the big phat morning show. Lawd, why she had to go and do that. (SMH) thats not a good look, Keyshia!!


  1. Keyshia has a history of having a stank attitude!!!

    Last year when Dee Dee from the Doug Banks Morning Show interviewed her, it was like pulling teeth to get answers out of her!!! Finally, Dee Dee told her that she was being difficult.

    Mary J used to also be that way, until she finally realized that she got in the way of her own success, and Dee Dee had told Keyshia that. Keyshia gets in the way of her own success! She needs her manager to give it to her straight no chaser!!! Once your fans are gone, so is your career. Don't piss off a DJ.

  2. Kimmy C.1:00 PM

    she needs to practice public speaking. she is a terrific singer performing her songs but when it comes to interviews, she needs to practice answering questions thoroughly and precisely and maybe rambling a little.

    she reminds me of someone who is more reserved when it comes to running their mouths, not a bad attitude.
    "how was your flight here?" is followed by "it was good." and that's it while someone else may go all into their flights and travel and have to be cut short. people are just reading it all wrong


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