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Rosie to J-Lo- I made you who you are!!!!

Look at me, working in kitchens n' stuff. I made J Lo
I'm a survivor!!! I fought my way to the top!!!

First, LL Cool J is claiming that he made Def Jam who they are today, and now Rosie Perez wants to claim some fame by spitting the same allegations about J Lo!!! Look at what Page six of the has to say:

October 13, 2007 -- ROSIE Perez is taking credit for discovering Jennifer Lopez when the fly girl on "In Living Color" was just Jenny from the block. In the November issue of Out magazine, Perez told Michael Musto, "I'm the one that hired Jennifer Lopez, even though she tells everyone Keenan Ivory Wayans was. He didn't want her because she was overweight and didn't dance well, but I said, 'She has star quality.' "

Somebody is sounding sorta bitter!!!!!
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