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Tiny also gets arrested

UPDATE!!!!! Tiny wasn't arrested in connection with the guns. Her charges were for posession of Marijuana and Ecstacy. Um, ain't she pregnant. Maybe somebody left it in her car or something...developing

Tiny, T.I. girlfriend and baby mama also got arrested in regards to the guns and shyt. The way the story goes...... T.I. and his crew was at a strip club on friday night and he had beef with another ATL crew. They almost got into a fight, and T.I. ordered guns just incase something went down. Well, the guy he put the order in with (his bodyguard) went to the FEDS and ATF about it, and set T.I. up!!!! Its also reported that the guns in his home that were found in the search warrant weren't his. They belonged to his bodyguards, and T.I. barely resides in that house. Its reported that he lets his bodyguards reside in there, but the home is legally in his name. I will keep you posted in this T.I. scandal...... This is a mess, and I feel sorry for the kids involved:(

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