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Min. Louis Farrakhan was BRAINWASHED!!!!!!!!!

These rappers ain't did nothing!
Fuk da law! Aint nothing wrong with wearing guns on our hip!
Yea, u right Cuz... I love having my guns too! Fuk da law!

YES FOLKS, Farrakhan has spoke out about T.I. and Lil Wayne. Minister Louis Farrakhan believes rappers such as T.I. and Lil Wayne are set up by the U.S. Government and further calls it, "Justifiable Homicide: The Attack On Black Youth." "T.I. was set up and they are trying with Lil’ Wayne," Minister Farrakhan told regarding both rappers.
What is Louis talking about? Those silly boys put theirself in that situation and they need to own up to their responsibility and face the consequences. They think they are invincible since they have star status, but the Gov't ain't playing with these stars no more. THEY ARE BOTH SILLY AND MOST LIKELY GUILTY!!!!!! Shut cho' mouth Farrakhan! Yea, I said it....AND!!!

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