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Mel B has doubts on her marriage????

Stephen: Now what will I do about money when I leave this chic
Mel B: HA HA I'm too smart, you wont get a DIME!

Looks like the honeymoon period is over guys!!! Mel B removed her husband, Stephen Belafonte name from her $5 million Hollywood Hills home. Why would a married couple do such a thing, you ask?

It is reported that Stephens wife beating azz talks to her very rude and doesn't want anything to do with her adorable new born baby. He has no patience with her and celebhaterz is hearing whispers that they argue constantly and he talks down to her. I guess Mel B smells a divorce coming so she is preparing herself to keep her assets!!!

Stephen reportedly said he didn't want his name on the house. He claims to have married for love and not money. You know he is plotting on how to get this bytch for all she got once they divorce after 6 months!

LMAO!!! (laugh my azz off)

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