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Get Kanyes' book for $10!!!!!

Outside of babysitting Alexis, I write books!
This iz my wack azz cover

Kanye has decided to jump on the bandwagon and write a book just like everyone else. Wit hiz stankin azz!!! Chicago rapper Kanye West has co-written a book with J. Sakiya Sandifer called Thank You And You’re Welcome. The book, which will be released on December 18 and is set to cost only $10!!!
In this broke down sentence, Kanye sayz "an entertaining volume of ‘Kanye-isms’— the creative, humorous and insightful philosophies and anecdotes used in creating his path to success. It captures the same wit, playful irony, and piercing insight found abundant in his lyrics." Kanye goes onto say, "My book is a guide to creating then celebrating your moment!"

With Kanye talking in this jibberish, now I know why he needed a co-writer! What in da hell can Kanye bring to a book that we haven't seen on the stage, nikkuh pleez!

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