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Whitney and Bobbi Kristina were spotted in London at the Fashion Rocks Fashion Show. Whitney and Bobby Brown are officially divorced, so why is she rocking this ring on her left hand. Is she engaged? My sources says she IS!!!... Whitney is up to something because you know Bobby pawned the wedding ring that he gave her. My sources said that she is dating a very popular musician and they are getting along great and seem to be soulmates. I wont reveal who it is but I have EXCLUSIVE PICS!!!! If I put them up, her publicist threatened to sue me since the pics were taken in a private location. Developing............

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  1. Nevermind! The box just popped up, lol. I guess it's my slow-ass PC I'm using at work

    A. Keys looks confused. Who wears boots with a dress. The make-up and hair are cute though.


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