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EXCLUSIVE!!!! Omarion dating singer Kat Deluna!!!

Im so ugly, but heres a kiss anyway
This bytch favors Kat DeLuna!

Lawd, you know its official. Omarion is finally D-Listed. He is rumored to be dating Singer, Kat DeLuna and I think its not a good look for his image!!! He is going on tour with Bow-Wow in December, and I hope this rat faced bytch ain't tagging along!!!!


  1. Anonymous5:49 AM

    please stop dating sounds like ur the loser, if e happi n so is she wats every1 gtin hypa for?

  2. Anonymous7:37 PM

    All ya motha fuckaz r hataz. So wut if he datin her. He can date who eva he mothin fuckin want. Ya just mad cause he aint datin u!!!!!

  3. Anonymous6:15 PM

    i agree she ain't no rat faced bitch she pretty as hell and just because he ain't fucking well dating yo,you vex. look fuck you and leave the girl alone yuh rasshole.

  4. im omarion's wifey kno dat

  5. Anonymous8:40 PM

    she not the wifey type and she is ugly

  6. Anonymous1:50 PM

    u guys r tripping she is pretty and u guys r fucking hating because he doesn't know u or dating fuckers @ the haters

  7. Anonymous6:49 PM

    well i think she looks old in the face but best of luck!

  8. Anonymous2:33 PM

    First off that's a terrible picture you got of Kat. There are way better looking ones. Second, why all you girls hatin on Kat DeLuna? She's pretty! And she'd made some good music; Whine Up, Drop It Low, Am I Dreaming. She sticks to her Dominican heritage. She's a good person. Why does it matter if she's "not cute" anyway? If Omarion likes her than he likes her. She probably a fun person to hang around and she seems like she is. She hasn't done anything to make ya'll hate her. If ya'll definition of a good partner is just being hot than ya'll some fools. You guys really are actin like bitches. I don't know who Omarion is but I know Kat DeLuna. To me Omarion aint that cute. He looks like he's tired all the time with his droopy eyes but he's probably a nice person to be around. I don't know.


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