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Elidor Kersaint got RELEASED!!!!!!

Remember that HIV infected jerk by the name of Elidor Kersaint from Florida? Well, he got released last week on 100 thousand dollar bail. The Florida police are still asking women to come forward and state if they had unprotected sex with him; but so far only a 20 yr old came forward.....the same chic that landed him in the slammer back in June. So far, Elidor has 1 victim on his list.

Elidor Kersaint has been living with HIV all his life; his mother passed it on to him. However, his co-workers said they didn't find out about his status until the days leading up to his june 2007 arrest. Dirty bytch!!!! How dare he stick his infected dyck in an unsuspecting victim. He has ruined that girls life forever:(


  1. Anonymous2:22 AM

    It is her reponsibility to protect herself if she was old and mature enough to have sex then it is her own fault.

  2. Anonymous2:59 PM

    So Anonymous.. you think that anyone with HIV can go around having sex with people and not feel guilty because it's that person's fault for sleeping with them? I do think that it is dumb for someone to have sex with someone you don't know, let alone unprotected sex, but that does NOT let the person with HIV/AIDS off the hook, especially when they are aware of their status.
    I say we ship 'em to Antarctica, and let them have sex with whoever they want their.

  3. God's Girl8:43 AM

    I don't know what this world is coming too? What am I at war for, what am I fighting for? I am a soldier in the U.S. Army and I fight for the freedom of the American people...I am astounded that someone could go around spreading something that is so deadly.
    Who so ever does such or who is doing such needs to repent and ask for the Lord's forgiveness so they may have a better second life because the one they are living now is ruined...Jesus Help Us~ Stay safe and protected people, your body is a temple and is precious...
    Our God is the ultimate HEALER and COMFORTER, look to him for guidance~
    May God the Father bless you, God the Son heal you, God the Holy Spirit give you strength…He work wonders!!! You may say I am not going through what you are going through and I am completely healthy but I have been through and is going through a lot in my life and I could always go to him for comfort and guidance NO MATTER WHAT the situations are

  4. God's Girl8:48 AM

    Also, the Lord place you in certain situations for a test your faith and make a change in HIS NAME~ Speak on preventing the disease, don't go around distributing it like its going to make your status change...


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