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Check out the guns at T.I's house!!!!!!

Was this muhfukka fightin da war on Terror or something?
Dont buy guns!!!!

WHOA, T.I got a lot of guns seized from his house by the F.B.I and A.T.F. It looks like T.I was preparing for war or going to Iraq or some shyt. This is ridiculous!!!! T.I. went to court yesterday and tried to get out on bond but they didn't let him out. He was answering the judge by using "yes sir" and "no sir". T.I wore a black shirt and black pants to the hearing, and some shackles. Its reported that he gave his family who was in attendance a solemn look and a tear even shed at the hearing. He will be back in court on Friday for a small hearing to determine if he is a flight risk but the Feds want him to remain in jail until his hearing.

According to one of my lawyer friends, "He has a 0.02% chance to get out on friday, but dont bet your life on it". All of those hungry rappers better start coming out with release dates for their albums because looks like T.I wont have the game on lock anytime soon:(


Celebhaterz has found out that T.I baby mama, Tiny may be pregnant.... OOOH, this is sad. Developing!!!!!
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