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CANDIDS- 2007 BET Hip-Hop Awards!!!!

Melyssa Ford showed up...for what, I dont know
Lil Mama brought her lip gloss
Soulja Boy and his white-out for his glasses showed up. Can Jacob make this boy a chain?
Neyo looked less fruity
Katt Williams showed up making a fool of himself
Aww, JD's daughter is getting a lot of publicity lately, is she coming out with an album soon?
Keyshia Cole showed up lookin evil
I love to make male-bashing songs!!!

Cee-Lo looked like the black circus!
And heres some more circus freaks. Bootsey Collins and his boo
Cassidy looking like 2001
Big Boi borrowed some of Andre 3000 clothes
Fat Joe lookin....FAT

Ciara is fab She drove herself to the event along with a leech in the passenger seat
Cute, I cant even hate:(
Baby lookin sweet with those woman beads on
Chingy lookin overdressed. He didnt get the memo that this was not a formal event

There are more pics to follow, just keep coming back to see them!!!!! I will post them between today and tuesday evening!!!

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