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Who dis iz?

who dis iz? I guess yall know its beyonce and her krazy lookin daddy. She was a cute lil kid with all that thick hair, what happen beyonce? Why did it come out so bad? Why didnt u take care of you hair girl???? Anyway I got a hold of a pic of beyonce which was taken late last year with her real hair...its soooo short. That random guy over there is saying in his head "daym girl...i got mo' hair than you!


  1. Anonymous4:27 PM

    LOL LOL LOL beyonce... thats one dum ass bitch!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Actually, after working on the tour scene for many years I have personally seen Beyonce's hair up close and personal many times as my team have been called in to corn roll her hair on last minute basis when her glam team was late on arrival on past shoots. She rocks expensive custom lace wigs and also get her lace wigs partially cut in half at times to blend in her own hair on top of her units. And let me tell you, her hair, her natural hair is no where near short. Her hair is longer then the average black female running around and its mad thick! Too thick to be bothered with, which is why her team opts to get rid of it all and just wear the wigs or partial wigs leaving her hair corn rolled away underneath. Thats why her hair is so curly when you do see it in its natural state, it stays braided. She wears her hair out alot when she is not on tour. Many photos have her natural hair but many just assume its fake. Her hair reaches beyond her shoulder, like lower lower shoulder bone. Its been long all her life and her momma is a hair dresser, you think she aint gonna take care of her daughters hair? Please, they all have nice hair and her momma see's to that. Not my favorite tour to travel with due to the caty drama, but I hate when i see this photo as its been surfing the net for years and its irritating that people cant clearly see her hair is in a twisted Chinese bun and that the guy in the photos is clearly looking at something behind Beyonce and further away. The girl is blessed with thick natural hair....get over it

  3. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this photo was NOT taken late last year nor the year before that....its been surfing the net since 2005. Although its funny as ever, the guy is not a random guy either...he is apart of her team. His face is everywhere and he's very well known behind the scenes and the fact that you dont even know this has me questioning your hook up power.
    If you are reporting bogus info on your sites, it makes it hard to believe much of the other info reported.....and here i was really enjoying the scoop. I hope you are not another MediaOuttake where they just report any damn thing to save face....ya cant believe most of the shit on that site.
    Oh well, I had a good visit....funny site

  4. Anonymous8:55 PM

    ooops...i meant Media TakeOut

  5. NESHA4:10 PM


  6. Anonymous9:33 AM

    i was gonna say something but i see beyonce has already been backed up !!!!!! nice to see

  7. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Yea quit haten cuz yall cant sing,dance or act like her


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