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Superhead Engaged?! Yea right

Superhead is at it again. This tramp, a.k.a CUM BREATH aka Karinne Steffans is engaged... so she says. In a recent interview with TV ONE access, this piece of trash said the following:

TV One Interviewer: Are you engaged?

Superhead: Yes,

TV One Interviewer: So who is the lucky man?

Superhead: I can’t tell you. I know, I’m the worst.

TV One Interviewer: Is he a celebrity? Is he somebody that we might know of?

Superhead: Yes

TV One Interviewer: Is it Lil Wayne?

Superhead: I can’t tell you. I can’t even hint. I want to protect our privacy for now. Maybe after the nuptials, we’ll discuss it. But you guys will be the first I tell, I promise

TV One Interviewer: So now with the second book coming out, what are we going to read about here that’s different from the first book?

Superhead: The second book is really different because it’s more Hollywood-based. For the first book, I wanted to make it more music industry-based, because I was so done with that, it was easier for me to throw it away. I live in LA. I live in more Hollywood circles and I wanted to bring people more into that.

TV One Interviewer: Why did you go the route of doing a tell-all as opposed to doing a novel and fictionalizing it?

Superhead: I’m not a good liar. I’m all the way around honest and true and open. I can’t change names and dates and places. I can’t do it.

I cant believe this girl has the nerve to think someone is going to marry her. I wouldnt doubt it if the entire industry had AIDS fugging around with this trashy piece of nothing!


  1. who would want to marry that dick breath slut?

  2. Anonymous12:34 AM

    This is old news, too. 9/2/07

  3. Who wants to marry her????? Are they okay??????

  4. Anonymous6:42 PM

    she is such a slut ohhh my


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