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Remy Ma is in more trouble

Celebhaterz has learned that Remy Ma was at a Players Club in the Bronx in mid August 2007 and she saw the boyfriend of a possible witness to the case pending on her dumb azz over $2000. I know yall heard about that case, right.... Why did the heffa get on her phone and call her squad. DO YOU KNOW THEY beat down the girls boyfriend. The case im talkin bout involves the July 14th shooting of a friend she accused of stealing a measely $2000 from her purse....please bitch, dont u make enuff money to be bytchin about 2G's........anyway back to da story..... she allegedly had her squad ruff him up, fractured his daymed face, and put his azz in da hospital for a week.
Remy, you need to get it together, ma.... 2G's aint worth yo freedom not unless you tryin to join foxy and share a cell. By the way, get rid of that dirty poodle look you got going on!

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