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its 4am and I got the exclusive phone call, yall!!!!!...CelebHaterz has learned that OJ Simpson is being questioned about a robbery which happened in a room at the hotel Palace Station Casiono. Its located in Las Vegas. LVPD stated that it happened somewhere between the vegas sinners drinking and fucking on Sept 13th 2007. Details are sketchy right now but I will give you more chilling details in the next few hours as I get them. So far, police have questioned him and fingers are pointing his way. As of yet, no arrests have been made.
A close friend of Simpson tells CelebHaterz that "I dont know whats gotten into OJ, he always says strange stuff about ways to get money. I think he has the potential to be exactly what the police are looking for regarding the Las Vegas robbery"

Aint this about a bitch, this dummy LOVES crime. Damn, dont his book "If I did it" come out today? He is admitting his guilt in the book, fucking loser..... yall really need to read that shit. If you want me to email you a copy of the book, email me at

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  1. OJ should have never have left his first wife! He went all Hollywood and let that white chick he married bring him down!!!

    Good for him!


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