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Mike Tyson was running away from drug rehab when he was busted for suspicion of DUI and cocaine possession. At 40, Iron Mike told pals he wanted to make a fresh start and return to the ring. His first step was to enter a Phoenix rehab facility. But the hot-tempered Tyson could not stand its strict regimen and bolted after only nine days. Now the former heavyweight champion's future may include the requisite orange jumpsuit and hole-e underwear worn in the slammer. What a dumb azz.....

CelebHaterz caught up with a close friend that said "Mike can't shake the drugs," He checked himself into rehab because he says he's broke and his only means of supporting himself is boxing. He had to get clean."He admits he does cocaine and mushrooms (a hallucinogenic) and that he drinks too much. But after only nine days, he left the facility, saying he felt like he was in a cage. This ugly bastard is a haz been... NEXT!!!!!

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  1. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Once an error is clearly and fully understood, it need not be repeated. Addiction is to the false Self. Drugs and Alcohol are just self-medication trying to alleviate the pain caused by that addiction .


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