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50 cancels 3 European Performances!!!!

O lawd, 50 cent LOST in Europe!!! Thats right folkz! He said if Kanye beat him, he would retire and I think he did. 50 Cent sucks anyway and I dont like his stank breath ass. I met him at a hotel when I was getting ice and I didnt expect to see him there, and he said HHHHEELLLLOOOO, and breath smelled like DEATH AND SHIT!!! It was 3 in the morning so I guess the bitch had just woke up.

Anyway, Kanye beat 50 Cent to the No. 1 spot on Britain's album chart Sunday, with 50 Cent in the No. 2 spot. The Official UK Charts Company said so on its Web site!!!! No sales figures were posted yet. U.S. sales figures will be available this week and I cant wait!!!!!

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